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Astrology - as pseudoscience is false in the sense of the definition of prophecy which does not satisfy the 100% verifiability ... (A group deceptive practices also include other esoteric and occult arts such Tarot, Numerology and other divination, "divining", clairvoyance, etc ....)

Due to the fact this website is closed
"The End of the World and a day ..."
- December 29, 2012, the Hera Krishna ... (hera or heroine ...)

quoted St. JK
"Satan told a lot of things likely according to reason and to meet, till they seduce."


Horoscopes divination Tarot Runes Numerology I Ching Astrology

good divination

Look - ahead Prediction of Future
"You want divination good ...?
Want you ?" Chcesz..?
Tarot Numerology I Cing Runes Astrology Horoskope itp. ...

Analysis of personality additional and answers on questions pervading client.
Technician with utilization :

Divination in preparation Tibetan Misy and divination from Bone Szaman.

divination Joga

Throwing and at the same time removal of attraction

granting thirst client Astrologer 9

♣ Horoscopes - horoscope divination Astrology TAROT Runes Numerology ♣

attraction, attractions love

for example :

  • horoscopes - attraction, attractions love ( for lovers )
  • I Cing - attraction, attractions about finding of good work
  • Numerology - attraction, attractions financial
  • Tarot - attraction, attractions marital
  • horoscopes - attraction, attractions any possible whims realizing, certainly within the confines of ethics, logic and healthy reasonand right "Uniwersum"
  • and similar attractions it ...
Note :
Throwing of attraction, attractions it is based about horoscope, but particularly :
  • horoscope of planetary transit
  • horoscope of elective
  • horoscope "Solar"
  • horoscope "Lunar"
  • horoscope planetary :
- horoscope Mercury
- horoscope,horoscopes Venus
- horoscope,horoscopes Mars
- horoscope Jupiter
- horoscope Saturn
- horoscope Uranus
- even - horoscope Neplune and horoscope Pluto with particular taking into consideration knot lunar horoscope .

Particularly adviced numerology as explanation of event, correctness from integers subsequent .

 attractions any possible whims realizing

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