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Astrology - as pseudoscience is false in the sense of the definition of prophecy which does not satisfy the 100% verifiability ... (A group deceptive practices also include other esoteric and occult arts such Tarot, Numerology and other divination, "divining", clairvoyance, etc ....)

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"Satan told a lot of things likely according to reason and to meet, till they seduce."

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Partner problems love, sex if marriage
Astrology - horoscope - cycle Jonas

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Indications for Venus and Scorpio

"It think on organs urinary - genital, pipe colon, in state not fertilized MATRIX at religious women particularly with disturbance of month rule. It heed on musculature fanny, bubble, musculature of nuclear bag, nuclear firing, and certainly on erector Penis, about great meaning for instrument reproductive women and germinal cells !"

According to pre-war astrologer, inhabitant of Bydgoszcz Franciszek A. Prengl Original vocabulary, text easily modified.

Determination of time fertilization according to dr. Jonas - " cycle Jonas "

According to installation gynecologist and astrologer dr. Eugen Jonas, case in month, Sun becomes how in Horoscope at woman in same distance from Moon. It lasts hours about few and there is time, woman is most receptive in which on fertilization. This time must be consistent in course of time of fertilization!

Below, exemplary diagram cycle Jonas, on base of horoscope for you " X "

Diagram of time of fertilization according to dr. Jonas - cycle Jonas

Legend for elements of diagrams:

Horoscope symbol of Venus in horoscope symbol of girl in cycle jonas


Horoscope symbol of Mars in horoscope symbol of boy in cycle jonas


+4h Boy
+4h Girl etc. ...

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