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Astrology - as pseudoscience is false in the sense of the definition of prophecy which does not satisfy the 100% verifiability ... (A group deceptive practices also include other esoteric and occult arts such Tarot, Numerology and other divination, "divining", clairvoyance, etc ....)

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"The End of the World and a day ..."
- December 29, 2012, the Hera Krishna ... (hera or heroine ...)

quoted St. JK
"Satan told a lot of things likely according to reason and to meet, till they seduce."

Astrology - Astrological
Partner Counseling

On answer pervading question, in partner relationships on base of horoscope concerning problem coexistence, horoscope RADIX, comparative horoscope, contact horoscope, relational horoscope, etc.

  • Why it does not love my partner already? " Fairy Horoscope"
  • Why my partner of I has quitted ?
  • If my partner will return to I ?
  • If my partner of I betrays ?
  • If I will be happy in love relationship , conjugal if other ?

Analysis of all possible problem and between partners rate, in optional time and on base of horoscope area: horoscope RADIX, comparative horoscope, contact horoscope, relational horoscope ...

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It serve and partner ( or partners ) hour, day, month, year and birthplace and short characteristic of problem, which pervades you.

I order analysis of partner problem ... 
on base of horoscope 
- horoscope RADIX
- horoscope comparative 
- horoscope contact 
- horoscope relational 
- " Horoscope Fairy Good "
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Astrologer 7
it see: Astrology and Horoscope

Partner Transcendental

Simplest, from section of project most cheap Partner Horoscope " Preemptive Horoscope Transcendental "
Precise determination of correspondence of psychophysical partner on base of horoscope ( horoscope: comparative horoscope, contact horoscope, for relational horoscope ) for: love, marriage, if other forms of coexistence.

Composition of horoscope lasts 3 months near.
Quadrature of Sun on ecliptic. Triple passage of Moon by Zodiac. Strict cooperation with client, astrological technique with all utilization possible jointed.

At least it requires version of Partner Transcendental Horoscope composition three horoscopes, or two horoscopes RADIX and between partners in case of partner triangle comparative horoscope.

Do a test ...

It serve and partner ( or partners ) hour, day conceals , month, year and birthplace (and e-mail), purpose of execution of preliminary account and it conceals detailed instruction, that for procedure, in time of composing Partner Horoscope Transcendental

I order partner horoscope of Transcendental 
- horoscope of partner 
- horoscope after shortest arch from oldest person for junior
- contact horoscope from junior person for old 
- comparative horoscope 
- contact horoscope 
- horoscope of relational 
- horoscope fairy

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