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Astrology - as pseudoscience is false in the sense of the definition of prophecy which does not satisfy the 100% verifiability ... (A group deceptive practices also include other esoteric and occult arts such Tarot, Numerology and other divination, "divining", clairvoyance, etc ....)

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"The End of the World and a day ..."
- December 29, 2012, the Hera Krishna ... (hera or heroine ...)

quoted St. JK
"Satan told a lot of things likely according to reason and to meet, till they seduce."

At we professional cheap horoscopes only

it see: Astrology and Horoscope

Lunar Transcendental Horoscope

 Simplest, most cheap Transcendental Horoscope from section of project :

" Preemptive Horoscope Transcendental "

Composition of horoscope lasts 1 month near, or one passage of Moon by Zodiac and it relies on strict with client cooperation ( employment all possible technique astrological ). We start work from moment of return the Moon for position in horoscope of client.
It serve hour, day conceals , month, year, birthplace and e-mail, purpose of execution of preliminary
account and it conceals detailed instruction, that for procedure in time of composing

" Preemptive, Lunar Transcendental Horoscope "

Lunar Transcendental Horoscope

Version of Lunar Transcendental Horoscope

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