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Astrology - as pseudoscience is false in the sense of the definition of prophecy which does not satisfy the 100% verifiability ... (A group deceptive practices also include other esoteric and occult arts such Tarot, Numerology and other divination, "divining", clairvoyance, etc ....)

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"The End of the World and a day ..."
- December 29, 2012, the Hera Krishna ... (hera or heroine ...)

quoted St. JK
"Satan told a lot of things likely according to reason and to meet, till they seduce."

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Horoscopes of divination astrology TAROT RUNES NUMEROLOGY I CING

it see: Astrology and Horoscope

Astrology Diagnostics Relational - Horoscope

Astrology analysis - form of optional rate in on base of horoscope " The Universe "

 Astrology - horoscope between people:

 Astrology - horoscope between person but animal :

- if I should buy canary, if elephant can either fishes?
- if I should cultivate small animal if big? Dog if cat?
- if I will not have inconvenience with this animal etc...?
- but it can be moved out should on village, and cultivate horses?
- at last, when my hens begin enduring golden eggs but sheep will grow golden run
" Divination Good "... etc.

 Astrology - horoscope between person but dead object :

As it happens , that days are, dead objects are exclusively malicious in which, but in addition, fatalities walk couples most often ? Why, cooler walks as tractor from three days, yesterday tv set has been begun spoiling but wash-board has poured today - " Divination - Bad " ? On bad supertax, computer has been suspended and I can not work.
When buy car that it was dependable and when begin structure of house ..? Etc.

 Astrology - horoscope imitate between person but institution :

Do this work-place be for I good?
If choice of school, for my child, will turn out valid?
I can proceed with should studies interrupt year ago?
If imitate me, drive prosperously to the end, in this office case?
Insure in second pillar OFE?
When forestall about grant on economic activity bank credit or?
When set up case in court, was sentence for I prosperous in order to?
And if at last, church will dissolve my former marriage and when will become it? etc.

 Astrology - horoscope between institutions :

As this group has , office, party, state for other, etc?
If my firm should take cooperation with firm Mr. Kowalski or Mr. Malinowski?
When rates of my firms with banks, will be prosperous exclusively..? etc.

 Astrology - horoscope between animals :

Why dog of neighbor has bitten my dog? etc.

 Astrology - horoscope between dead objects :

Do foundation of house will keep carrying walls? etc ...


Any possible combinations of comparative horoscopes, which interest client and problem has with them .
Price of favor depends on range of astrological research ( horoscope ).
I order horoscope divination of fairy horoscope

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